Arborlea is a full-service construction company, offering both general contracting and project management services for all types of construction projects.
Learn more about these services from Arborlea:

Site Review & Feasibility Study
With ever-changing guidelines, requirements and construction codes – Arborlea provides an essential service that helps streamline the construction process even before you choose a site for your office. Often, future construction issues and hidden problems can be reviewed and solved at a site review before you sign a lease for the future site of your office. This site review and feasibility study will save you from possibly signing a lease for a space that could require significant upgrades which will weigh heavily on the project’s overall cost.
Arborlea has a working relationship with various designers for any of your design and planning needs. Whether you require something traditional or something more cutting edge – we have many designers to help bring your vision to reality.
Office Renovation
Arborlea has the complete ability to re-imagine your existing office and provide quality workmanship from beginning to end. Keeping in mind that downtime is costly, Arborlea evaluates our different processes while scheduling to find the most productive use of everyone’s time – even if it means that we might be working evenings, weekends, or holidays. From re-design and demolition to construction and a finished product, our highly competent trades can breathe new life into your current office.
Often contractors stress ‘the bottom line’ of the costs of a project and try to avoid the details in the estimation process. Arborlea, however, provides an in-depth, detailed and itemized quotation. Our estimates show the cost for each of the items involved in your project so that you can see exactly where your valuable dollars are being spent. If the estimate shown is over your budgeted costs – Arborlea, along with the appropriate designers, are often able to provide cost-savings through various process changes or optional items. We have nothing to hide in any of our processes and stand strong knowing that our pricing is accurate for the quality you desire.
We realize that your time is important and that there are other things that you could be doing instead of sitting at city hall waiting for your number to be called. Arborlea will look after all your permit needs and provide communication between you and the various areas of government involved with your project. We take pride in our reputation of being a contractor with ethics and integrity – providing high quality in both the inner-workings and the final product of your site.